“I wanted to thank you for such a successful evening Saturday. You’ve managed to teach and still make the process fun. Sincerely, “


“Thank you for the great course. I believe the knowledge you gave us will help me in the future.”


“Thank you again for allowing us to share in the event on Saturday evening. We enjoyed every moment of it. And for all the work and time you have poured (and continue to pour) into our lives.”


“I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your continued involvement in the MPB Respect Life program. The information and social skills shared with the students will have a lifetime impact!  Sincerely,”


“Thank you for your support and guidance. I’m having a lot of fun and more importantly developing some great life skills.”


“Thank you very much for a lovely cotillion season. I greatly appreciate all your efforts to make this program a quality endeavor, and would like to tell you that your work has not been in vain. I have benefited greatly from cotillion and enjoyed it as well.  Sincerely,”


“I am so much more comfortable now that I was…This will help me in the future to be confident in many different social situation and that is very important to me.”


“As a mother of a young lady in the 21st century, I really appreciate the cotillion. You have put so much energy and effort in to all of it and have done a beautiful job. We appreciate you.”


“Thank you for the wonderful etiquette presentation. I know both the fathers and debutantes benefited from your expertise.”


“You are very highly regarded among the parents, just an FYI.”


“Bravo! You were the perfect presenter at our dinner. We all learned and re-learned how to enjoy dinner properly. Thank you for all you did to make the evening special. Warmest wishes.”


“I have loved our family’s involvement with cotillion through the years and know that its lessons have and will continue to open doors for my children in the years to come.”


“I hope that you will invite me to other events for I do enjoy being your guest. Once again, thank you.”


“I will try my best to live every day and treat people according to what I learned from you!”


“It was an honor to take part in such a worth-while activity. Thank you for your hard work and effort in continuing to educate young people.”


“Thank you so much for giving this opportunity to John.”


“Thank you for participating in my Metro State project!”


“Your students were super and I see where they will excel in the business world and life by taking your course.”


“Thank you so much for coming to teach at our Belleview Daddy/Daughter Dance. You were a huge hit and we really appreciate you donating your time. Having community support like yours makes all the difference.”


“Congratulations on an excellent etiquette program. It was well planned and executed.”


“We are grateful and appreciative of the time, talent and dedication that it takes to run this program.”