What refreshments are served at class?

Usually punch, cookies and fruit. The exception: each class will have 1 instructional meal event.

Are gloves required?  Where can I buy white gloves?

During the current season of social distancing, gloves will be provided for each student.  

Ladies gloves are optional.  If she would like to wear a pair of gloves, often Nordstrom carries them in the millinery department, or look in bridal boutiques (David’s Bridal).  You can also buy them online: www.bridalgloves.com or call them at 800-479-4696.

Is it too late to join? We have missed one class.

All material taught in the first class is reviewed in the second class and reinforced throughout the program. Joining for the 2nd class is still possible, but after two classes have been missed, no new students are added.

Our student is in her 2nd year of the program, will her friend who is new be in the same class?

Yes! All students are assigned to classes based on their grade in school, not their previous cotillion experience.

Why do you need my child’s photograph?

The photograph is attached to the registration card and filed in our office. With many students that we only see once a month, it helps us to have a face to go with a name! Also, for any photos that we have taken during classes or ball, it helps us to identify the students in the pictures.

Is there a charge for the ball or the dinner?

No! Your tuition covers all the activities for the program.

Is a tuxedo necessary for the final Ball?

No, however as the ladies get quite a bit more dressed up for the final ball, if your gentlemen wish to wear a tuxedo, they are welcome to do so. Otherwise, a dress suit is appropriate.