For students 5th-9th grade.

Provides instruction for social skills that prepare students for success throughout life.
Teaches basic ballroom dance and dance courtesy.
Provides hands on opportunities to practice new social and dance skills.
Develops confidence and self-esteem.
The Student Cotillion presents a comprehensive training program of etiquette and manners for both everyday and more formal occasions. Each class divides instruction between etiquette and ballroom dance.

Our program helps parents reinforce their child's self-confidence while it helps students develop character and set appropriate boundaries. Many of the Skills learned in junior cotillion will be used throughout their life.

The complete program offers 3 years of curriculum. Many students begin in 5th grade and progress through the Premier program. However, previous attendance is not mandatory; students are welcome to join at either the 5th, 6/7th grade level.

Classes are spread throughout the school year. This helps those with busy schedules as well as aids in time for reinforcement and retention of the skills.

For Disability Assistance Call
(303) 250-3181