Regular attendance is required. When a student is absent, another student does not have a partner. Please be courteous. We try to arrange for extra student assistants if were aware of an absence, but this takes advance notice. To be excused for illness or emergencies and to reinforce the practice of good social skills, it is necessary for the student to call the Director at 303-250-8131. Make up classes are not available.

Arrival and Departure

We ask students to arrive 10 minutes prior to class. Parents please pick up promptly at the conclusion of class.

Dress Code


  • Dresses knee length or longer or skirts with blouses are appropriate.Remember, hemlines rise 3 inches when you sit down! (We will be sitting down frequently!)
  • No spaghetti straps, halters, stomachs showing and please no bra straps showing at any time.
  • Shoes- flip-flops or chunky slide on sandals are difficult to dance in and are not appropriate. Shoes, which enclose the foot, such as a pump, are easiest.
  • The Ball is a dress up affair- tea length or longer party dresses and gloves.


  • Most gentlemen prefer a sports coat with dress pants and a dress shirt with tie. A suit is another option for proper attire.
  • Dress shoes are required.

Proper cotillion DRESS CODE FOR ALL DANCES unless otherwise noted.