Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dress code for classes?

Girls wear dresses or skirts for classes and age appropriate party dresses for the Ball.  Boys wear dress pants with a belt and tucked in collared shirts (polo/golf knits or button downs) for classes.  Jackets and ties are required for the Ball.  Both boys and girls wear shoes appropriate for dancing—no tennis shoes, platform soles, flip flops or slide sandals.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, there is a link on the Registration form where you can use a credit card for payment.

How do we sign up to chaperone a class?

We use to manage chaperone sign-ups.  Parents will receive a link to the site once classes are filled.

Are make-up classes offered?

There are no make-up classes.  Students who have missed a class can arrive 10 minutes early to the next class to get a quick review of dance steps.  After each class, parents receive handouts of all topics covered to review with their children.

What if my child is extremely shy?

Junior Cotillion is the perfect venue for the shy child to gain confidence in a safe, non-threatening social environment.  All classes are structured and students are given specific instruction on what to do next. Students sit boy-girl in a large dance circle and rotate dance partners frequently.  In every class, we practice shaking hands and eye contact while speaking.  One of the biggest rewards for us is to see a “shy” child evolve into a socially confident young adult.  It happens every year!

If you have a question that is not answered above, feel free to contact us for a personal consult!  We love to talk about the great benefits of the Junior Cotillion program.